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Pest control is a quite necessary thing for every household no matter where you are living because you can’t escape the insects around you. Therefore, pest control is a compulsory thing for your home’s hygiene; pest control Bangladesh is the total service in all over our country.
However, I also call the people for pest control in our home once in every 2-3 months to control the insects inside because it’s not okay to live with them. Moreover, I & my family members are afraid of different kind of insects; why would we keep them while we have the removal options?
Let’s read the article to know all we can about the pest control service in Bangladesh; I hope you will enjoy reading it
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What Is Pest Control & When Did It Begin in Bangladesh?

Pest control is such a way where you are supposed to apply different & processed pesticides that are lethal to different types of insects; it’s quite similar to pesticides on fields. Well, while making or choosing the pest control materials you should be careful because those for house shouldn’t be as harsh as for soil.
However, other countries, especially the European & American ones are quite advanced in this case; they had the pest control option in their local areas from a long time, probably from the middle of the 20th century.
On the other hand, the people in Bangladesh may have used many chemical products to control unwanted little creatures from their residence, but they never got the opportunity to call some people who will provide pest control service at home. The culture began slowly after the 21st century started & some people took initiatives in Bangladesh.
Many people who are aware of the pest control service providers near them are taking their services & sitting without tension about the increasing number of creatures.

Services We Provide

bedbug control service


Bed bugs can become a nightmare once they make a home in the wooden furniture or beds around the house. Their noise is so loud that it will get more challenging for you to have a sound sleep at night. Do not forget to call a pest control service as soon as you find even the slightest trace of them.
cockroach control service

Cockroach Control

First of all, you are already aware of the numbers of cockroaches around you, & you always see them flying around you. They either sneak into your closet, or sometimes roam around your kitchen, making your clothes & food unhealthy; therefore, you can clear or decrease them by pest control.
rat control service

Rodent/ Rat Control

You may not want too many rats to roam around you; rat pesticides are also included in the service of pest control in Bangladesh, especially Dhaka. You can call them up whenever you want to control the number of rats inside your house or other places.
termite control service

Termite Control

Termites or rodents are quite common around you; they may not show up, but they can cause a great harm to your house & especially your furniture. Therefore, you must call the local pest control team & get rid of them as soon as possible.
mosquito control service

Mosquito control

Mosquito is another thing you must want to get rid of, don’t you? However, the mosquito density is increasing & that’s one of the reason behind different diseases including dengue.

Therefore, whenever you see the tendency of excessive mosquitos around you, especially during the rainy, you must call one of your trusted pest control team & clean all the possible sources of them. It’s better not to depend on the city corporation to come & run the foggers around you to kill mosquitos & the electric bats are not also 100% efficient.
ant control service

Ant control

Pest control service Bangladesh gives ant control measurements to prevent the massive breakout of ants around the year, especially in summer. Ants are seen so randomly around the house, which is equally harmful to food and health. Once they bite you, that part becomes extremely intoxicated and painful.
snake control service

Snake Control

Bangladesh is an agricultural country filled with yards after yards of crop fields, forests, and wild trees. It is only natural to find a variety of snakes here. Although most of the cityscape is free of snakes, it gets horrible in rural areas. They are also taken care of by pest control.
cleaning service

Cleaning service

Pest control companies also provide cleaning services for heavy carpets and other products that you cannot clean at home or laundry. The job is done by an extra handful of people other than the ones trained for pest control.
disinfection service

Disinfection service

It is necessary to clean out the last bit of trace of insects from their discarded area. That includes heavy disinfection to avoid recurrence and other relics of the pest. All the pest control companies take care of the disinfection as a part of their pest control service.
Anyway, these were the things that you can control through the service, but you may have those pest control at various levels.
● First of all, you can call them & get the pest control in your house or residential areas; some companies only provide residential pest controlling, not others.
● Some services in Bangladesh are commercials because the retailers store or display many items in their shops or showrooms; on the other hand, it's difficult to clean every corner daily. As a result, different insects can grow inside, but don't worry because a commercial pest control team can help you during the off day.
● However, you may have the option to ask for an industrial-level pest control service because harmful insects & creatures can grow inside your industrial mills or godowns.
Thus, you can protect the machines you use to manufacture products or the store where you preserve the produced items.
We serve many industries
Multi-unit apartment
Apartments are enormous, regardless of the number of units they contain. Multi-unit apartments have many nooks and corners that are taken into consideration by these companies.
Pest companies control lush hotels with their poolside area, elevators, large kitchens, and other things without disturbing the tourists and staff. After the cleaning, they go back to exactly how they looked before.
Hospitals come with the massive responsibility of taking care of peoples' health. To ensure that to a more significant aspect, pest control companies visit them whenever they are called.
Any other health care place other than hospitals is also considered for the utmost insurance of the health of the mass. Most of the primary level health care systems are situated in rural areas that have higher chances of getting manifested by pest, that thought is also taken into account.
Since educational institutions are one of the most sensitive areas after hospitals, having children in them, pest control companies disinfect and discard insects from there without any scratch.
There are many factories around the country full of raw materials for production. Every machinery, chemical, and the raw material is saved from pest attack by pest companies.
Office property management
Official properties hold several cabinets and confidential files. They are supposed to be handled with much delicacy. To ensure a clean working environment for the employees, pest control services manage these spaces as well.
Pest controlling companies also peek at places where foods are concerned. The kitchen, floors, and other utensils to basin, bathrooms, and every corner of restaurants are cleaned spotless.

What Things Should You Take Care of While Pest Controlling?

Well, you must take care of the precautions or things that work as factors while applying pest controls; those are pretty necessary to consider due to your safety:
1. First of all, you must ensure that the corners you are pest controlling should be out of reach, especially of the children, because they have harsh chemicals inside.
2. Secondly, you shouldn't put food items on such spots where the team has spread pesticides to control insects because that will make your food contaminated; moreover, you shouldn't pick the nutrition from the floor.
3. It would help if you were careful while cleaning your house daily so that the pest control team sets the pesticides or things because you must keep them for at least some time to get rid of insects.
However, please be careful about those species which are not harmful & don't put too many pesticides that can kill them; moreover, try your best to prevent pollution through them.

Why pest control service is important

Pests manifest space or an area, and they start growing in huge numbers, too, within a concise time. You can take care of them single-handedly if you are that much invested but let me tell you something; it is not worth the money and time.

Also, there is a higher chance the pests will keep coming back if not disinfected properly. So, why go the extra mile when you can already get the job done by several people who are much more efficient in it? This is where pest control services come to the discussion as a deal-breaker.

Being a land of diversified crops and geography, Bangladesh has been highly affected by pests over the past few decades. It is only a wise choice to call up a pest control service that comes with safe chemicals and measurements to discard them rather than trying to take care of them by yourself.

Why choose a professional pest control service

Although pest control services come with an expenditure of a hefty amount of money, there is a good amount of reason to hire them to clean out pest manifestation from large spaces. They are professionally trained to clean, disinfect, spray, and take other measures to reduce and prevent pest attacks.

They are experienced enough to understand which insect and rodent are supposed to be controlled in what way. Their main slogan is cleaning out insects and thriving for customer satisfaction as well. As a result, they always come up with ideas that are best matched for the customers' health.

Professional pest controllers make decisions based on their knowledge about insects. You can book a schedule with them, but you can also call them in an emergency where they will come to the rescue immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pest Control Bangladesh

1. What Are the Good Pest Control Services in Dhaka City?
Let’s see the companies that provide you pest control services in Dhaka:
● Tiger Pest Control BD
● US Pest Control BD
● Jahan Pest Control Service
● Pest Control Services BD
● Best Pest Control BD

2. Is Pest Controlling Too Much Costly?
Pest control is now affordable for middle class group as well; it can cost from $100 to $250 to apply pests inside an area. How much it will cost depends on the total area the team will be working on & the package you have chosen.

3. What is pest control?
Pest control is a process of keeping the number and growth of pests in check, that might include killing them from certain areas sometimes. There are many aspects of pest controlling. It can be by direct chemical sprays or placing baits. Whatever it is, the main motto of pest controlling is to make the surrounding environment a bit healthier than the time it was attacked.

It is available all around Bangladesh according to our environment, area and other geographical factors. Different organizations work with a variety of chemicals to discard pests.

Why choose a professional pest control service

No matter what you are using pesticides for, you can trust the professionals working for pest control Bangladesh because they will do it right; on the other hand, you may not understand the ratio of applying if you’re not a professional.
However, you may have known the pest control services in Bangladesh if you have read the article; visit the company websites to have your desired pest control service.
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